Le cabinet est fier d’être un membre du réseau LGBT Family Law Institute

Le LGBT Family Law Institute, une co-entreprise du LGBT Bar et du National Center for Lesbian Rights, permet aux praticiens du droit de la famille LGBT expérimentés de partager leur sagesse collective et de discuter de stratégies juridiques de pointe pour représenter les membres de la communauté LGBT.




One thought on “Le cabinet est fier d’être un membre du réseau LGBT Family Law Institute

  1. Dear Madam
    Good day to you. I do not speak French but I was given your details by Re Unite here in the UK London. I am going through a court case for the return of my niece back to London from Paris. I am worried as the child was abducted by the birth parent on 22 December 2018 and they are trying to take her to Africa any time now and before the school breaks up.
    I am putting in a permanent band to prevent the parents from traveling with her until the courts in Paris c from the abduction unit can address my application for her to be return to London. I work but I am not rich and I am willing to pay a fee if a good family lawyer who specialises in child abduction can help in getting the permanent band for me, until I get her returned I have the application or a short two week band but time is running out I need a quick band or I may never see her again. Please help you cam call me on 07944663211 I will leave my email address also. It best if you have someone who can speak and read English but this is Urgent as the births should not have my adoptive daughter and I am in the process of trying to get her back through the high courts in London. Please contact me, my name is Olive. Thank you this is very urgent she is only 10 years old and how she was taken from me was very bad !


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