The change of the child’s name after late paternal recognition

The minister was asked if it is possible to change the name of a child to include in case of late paternal recognition. The name of the child which appears on the birth certificate is the mother’s, in the absence of recognition of the father at birth.
The answer is as follows. Pursuant to Article 311-23, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code, parents can, by a joint declaration before the registrar of civil status, at the time of the establishment of paternity of the second parent after the registration of birth or during the minority of the child, either choose to substitute the name of the parent to whom filiation was established in second place, either choose to attach their two names in the order chosen by them, within the limits of a name to each. The changed name is then mentioned in the margin of the birth certificate of the child. Indeed, the information contained in the body of the document such as the section on the family name is collected by the officer of civil status on the date of the declaration of birth, and the act of genuine value as wellprepared can not be changed by way of marginal annotation. However, the family name carried in the header of the act is amended by the officer of civil status following the change of name of the child. Finally, in the example, when an extract of birth certificate for the child is issued, only the name chosen by the parents at the end of paternal recognition appears.

Rep. min. No. 119025: OJ December 6 2011, p. 12859

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